Aug 21 08 3:13 PM

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The time is almost here for the new Witchfinder General album to be released.

I hope the world is ready for this!!!!!!!!!!! A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been shed by all involved in the making of this work from the band members, Russ, Nick, Ben(photos), Chris at the Den, long suffering partners of the guys, printers and record company etc and I, along with our American counterparts am sooooooh excited to unwrap this gem!

It will be released firstly in the USA on 30th August and in the UK on Tuesday 2nd September to co-incide with Corky's 'big' Birthday

On behalf of the band I would personally like to thank the people out there who have shown such unwavering interest and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Thanks to Russ and Nick for making this whole thing possible; Copey says a lot of Bathams' may well be consumed on the 30th!!!!

Hurry up Russ and get them posted Buddy,lol

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Aug 21 08 4:44 PM

Beast,the cd's were posted yesterday morning so it should be a week before they get to the UK.Also added a couple extra WFG goodies.

PS The lyrics make the music even better.If that is possible

I need to order the Keg now so we can start the Party.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROD!KILLER JOB ON RESURRECTED.Glad you were able to put the pool cue down for a minute to make time for the Rickenbacker 4001 Bass Guitar.But you better start practicing Pool again as Nick and I are playing everyday.

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Aug 21 08 4:59 PM

I thought this day would NEVER come. To actually hear this is going to be like a dream.

Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Extra special thanks to my buddy Copey. I am so glad you RESSURECTED the old SG my man!

Bring on the DOOM!!


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Aug 21 08 7:07 PM

i'm new to this forum,i want to thank Witchfinder General and Buried by Time and Dust label for making our dream come true after long long time of waiting!...is it going to be available through Nuclear War Now webshop?

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Aug 22 08 1:26 PM

I’m super happy for this great news. I love already Resurrected! But I can’t wait for see WG in concert! I love everything about Witchfinder General!


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Aug 24 08 5:45 AM

QUOTE (Knock Renfield @ August 23, 2008 03:40 am)
YEAH!!!! The mighty Witchfinder rises again! Can't wait till the 30th!!!

Yes! Just to echo everyone sentiments......Rise!

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Aug 24 08 6:42 AM


I am salivating, eagerly awaiting this new music from my all time favorite band. All hail the mighty Generals! Congratulations on making it through this long journey.

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Aug 27 08 4:46 PM

Maybe I'm asking an obvious question but does anyone know WHERE this CD will be available? I looked on Amazon to pre-order and the album is not listed on the site, and I can only assume that no U.S. brick-and-mortar retailers will be good enough to carry it. So how can I get this album the day it comes out?

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Aug 28 08 3:08 AM

The Die Hard will only be available straight from Buried By Time and Dust. Details to be posted shortly. The cd will be sent to distros such as Brainticket/Rockadrome/Shadow Kingdom/Black Tears/Century Media/Stoner Rock/Hellride/Psychodoomelic(sp?) and numerous others.

Stay tuned, details posted very shortly.

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Aug 28 08 8:51 PM

QUOTE (Rantanplan @ August 28, 2008 07:12 pm)
Thank you very much! Are the cds already on their way to the shops? Yeah, next week will be a killer one...Witchfinder General!

no cd's have been mailed to anyone but the Band.

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Aug 28 08 10:30 PM

Ok. I just thought, if the release is on the 30th August, all shops you announced here, which will deliver the new record and therefore have the cds already in stock. So another 1-2 weeks until i can finally put the cd into my player. Oh god, it's worth waiting for it, i'm sure!

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Aug 30 08 7:07 PM

After 25 Years of waiting, it is with EXTREME PRIDE that Buried by Time and Dust records presents the third full length album by the truly Legendary Witchfinder General!

Come hear the riffs that have laid dormant for the past quarter century, originally written in 1983-1984 and now ready to unleash upon mankind. Total Doom will surely be the result!

A lifelong dream come true for us we humbly thank the band from our darkest hearts!

Ordering info:

EUROPE $37.00
CANADA $32.00
USA $30.00

USA $15.00

If you do not have paypal you can send well hidden cash(at ye own risk) or money orders3 in us dollars to:

Russ Vrankovich
po box 345
Diablo Ca. 94528

Let them know our way!

ps. wholesalers can get in touch minimum order is 15. These will be sent this week to numerous distros as well. Vinyl will be announced later.

Sat Aug 30, 2008 7:59 pm

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